December 24th, 2013

kaia fit 2012

  Create a team of 4. Designate a team leader and give all other members a #2-4.

Your team challenge begins at midnight on December 30th. The team leader is to text the words, “The Time is NOW!” to each person on their team at anytime they like between 12:00am on the 30th and 12:00am on the 31st. All four teammates must stop, wherever they are, and do 25 burpees taking video/pictures when possible.

Teammate #2 is next to text, “The Time is NOW!” to each person on their team again at anytime they like, and all four teammates must stop for 25 Burpees. The challenge ends when all four teammates have sent the text and each person has completed 100 New Year’s Eve Burpees!…even if in heels.

Have fun and be sure to send pics to Patti for sharing or put on our Facebook page.

April 21st, 2012

Please tell us a little bit about how/why you joined kaia and what it has done for you!

If you are not yet a kaia girl and would like to sign up please call Patti: 406-570-4779 or email at!